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Are you frustrated with annoying ads? Which you have to see before and after watching a YouTube content, then you have come to the right place because we have a great solution of YouTube ads. Introducing the advanced and modified version of official YouTube knows as YouTube Pro App. This advanced version of YouTube blocks all the ads not only that it also block sponsor part on the videos. The Pro YouTube APK which I have shared here that offer tons of features that you never use including download video directly to your device storage. And the best part of this YouTube Pro MOD APK is you can download videos thumbnails too. In short the YT Pro APK lets you all the rights to watch videos with all the features which are restricted in official YouTube. So download YouTube Pro for android from here and enhance your YouTube watching experience.

YouTube Pro APK for Android
App NameYouTube Pro
DeveloperVanced Team
Size105 MB
Last UpdateFeb 02, 2023


YouTube Pro Latest Version

Get The Working YouTube Pro Mod APK, Which Build With ReVanced Patcher.

Last Build Date: 02/02/2023 (Trusted By XDA)

What is YouTube Pro App

The YouTube Pro is an advanced and modified version of official YouTube where you can use such unique features that you never use before. Where the official YouTube is from Google LLC in the other hand the YouTube Pro is from GitHub which is modified. This advanced version of YouTube lets you watch all the YouTube content without having ads. Not only that also it has so many features that are not available in official YouTube for all users. The features you get from Pro YouTube those are only available with premium subscription in the official YouTube.

Why YouTube Pro APK

There are so many advanced version of YouTube available, so people are thinking that why YouTube Pro APK to use. So the thing not each of the modified version of YouTube comes with same features and interface. So that why you should use the Pro YouTube because it has the same interface as YouTube, but the difference is it has tons of customization features. However, now all the modified YouTube app are not safe and secure for your device. But with the YouTube Pro you can watch all the content without having restriction, so that why you should use the YouTube Pro.

YouTube vs YouTube Pro

Exclusive FeaturesYouTubeYouTube Pro
Ads Free Watching
Swipe Control
Instant Download
Sponsor Block
Dark Theme

Exclusive Features From YouTube Pro APK

The best advanced and modified version of YouTube is YouTube Pro APK which you can find from here, The app offers tons of features that include features that you never use before. Using the Pro YouTube you can download YouTube videos thumbnails too along with videos into MP3. Also has such very useful features including:

Instant Download

Instant Download

To download videos directly from YouTube is not possible because YouTube allow users to download videos to the YouTube account as an offline video. But the thing is you can’t share those videos with other device, because isn’t available on the device storage. So if you want to download videos directly to your device then there are so many third party application available which can download videos instantly. Although all the third party app and sites are not secure for your device. So you can use the YouTube Pro APK from here because this modified YouTube has features to download videos directly to storage.

Ads Free Watching

Ads Free Watching in YT Pro

The most annoying part of YouTube is ads which nobody loves to watch while watching their favorite content. But YouTube provides ads before and after watching a content. So if you want to block those ads then you have to buy the premium subscription from YouTube with the exchange of real money. However, there are sop many free ways to block all the ads for YouTube just like if you use PC then you can add an ads block extension. Otherwise, if you are an android device user then you can use a modified version of YouTube to block all those annoying ads, And the YouTube Pro APK is one of the best to block ads.

Background Play

Background Play

Background play is very useful features for those people who really like to listen to music using YouTube. Because we all know that in the YouTube we can’t play videos in the background, if we minimize the YouTube then the video will be stopped. Now when people listen music then they don’t need to turn on the display also they can do other thing on WhatsApp and other apps. So all its need background players on YouTube, however, YouTube also offers background player but only for premium members. Therefor you can use the Pro YouTube to enjoy the background players free.

Restricted Mode

Restricted Mode

YouTube has so many restrictions which they have to follow just like country restrictions, which are like if any country doesn’t allow some kinds of videos then YouTube will block those videos on that country. And we all know that YouTube has more than billions of content to watch and millions of videos are available for best information. Now if you want to watch a video which are restricted in your country but it’s informational for you then check out the YouTube Pro MOD APK from here. Because this modified of YouTube allow users to watch those content too which are restricted on your country.

High Quality Watching

High Quality Watching

As we all know that YouTube provide high quality watching in 144p 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, to 4K. But the thing is it’s not for everyone because if you have low-end device then you can’t watch videos in high quality. Basically those who are using high quality device only they can watch YouTube videos in high quality. Now if you are using a low-end device but still you want to watch all the YouTube videos in high quality then you have to use the Pro YouTube. Because only YouTube Pro APK allow every user to watch content in high quality, all just they need is high quality internet.

Swipe Control

Swipe Control

Have you used the MX Player? Where you can adjust the brightness just swiping the display, and for sound also you can control in swipe mode. Basically swipe control is an easy-to-use feature which will help you to control the device sound and brightness in just one swipe. So now the swipe control also available in the YouTube Pro where you can also control sound and brightness by just swiping. To control sound you have to swipe up and down on the right side of your device display. And to control the brightness just swipe up and down the left side of the device display.

Sponsor Block

Sponsor Block

Did you know that? YouTube’s creators are nowadays working with paid promotions which they include in their videos which is called sponsor part in the video. But the thing is nobody in YouTube love to see those annoying sponsor part because those are not their favorite, and YouTube has no solutions. So why use the official YouTube where you have to see sponsor part on most of the videos. Now download the Pro YouTube from here and watch all your favorite content without having a sponsor part in videos. Because this modified YouTube block all the sponsor part and skip that part directly.

Return Dislike Button

Return Dislike Button

The dislike button is very important for many people and they love to see the ratio of like and dislike. But in Nov 2021 YouTube decided to remove the button permanently so now you can’t see the dislike ratio of any videos. Although there are so many sites that can help you to see the dislike of videos, but those all are not very actual. So you can download the YouTube Pro because only the Pro YouTube help you to see the actual ratio of videos in exact numbers. So for the Pro YouTube dislike button is never removed.

Key Features

  • Thumbnail Download: Now you can download any YouTube videos thumbnails in just few clicks.
  • Dependencies: The best thing is Pro YouTube takes to manage almost 0 dependencies.
  • Dislike Button: The officially removed dislike button now comes with the Pro YouTube.
  • Download Videos: Download all your favorite content in few minutes in high quality.
  • Download Audio: Not only videos even you can download videos into audios.
  • Ad-free: The advanced version of YouTube Pro block all the ads which are mandatory.
  • Restricted Content: Watch all those restricted content which are blocked on your country.
  • Battery Saving: Save your device battery up to 20% with the battery saving mode.
  • Dark Theme: Apply various theme like dark theme, white theme, and black theme.
  • Root Free: The YouTube Pro is not like other modified app because its never ask to root device.

Download YouTube Pro APK For Android

Utilize the advanced version of YouTube which is known as YouTube Pro and get ultimate features that you never experience before. The YT Pro APK offers such incredible features like download thumbnails where you can save thumbnails of your favorite YouTube creators. Not only that the Pro YouTube APK is most popular for its block all those ads which you can see using the official YouTube. Now in the conclusion of YouTube Pro MOD APK we can proudly suggest you to use it on your device because it is also known for a thousand of users and they are very happy to use such amazing features like instant download, sponsor block, swipe control and many more. To enhance your YouTube watching experience you can download the YouTube Pro App for android from here with tons of features.


  1. Privacy
  2. Customization
  3. Compatibility
  4. Download
  5. For All Android


  1. Updates Manually
  2. Sometimes Error
  3. Dependency

How To Download YouTube Pro

Whenever you are going to download the YouTube Pro APK make sure that the source and site is secure and safe for your device otherwise your device can be harm. So for a secure source the is one of the best to download the YouTube Pro.

Step1: First to download the YouTube Pro APK you will get a download button in top of this page, click on that.

Step2: Now you will visit the download page where you can see various options and version available.

Step3: Then click on that version which is perfect for your device and your according then download will be start.

Step4: So now after all those process your downloading is start, so enjoy ultimate features on the YouTube Pro APK.

How To Install YouTube Pro

Installing the YouTube Pro App is very easy and simple as compare to the rooted version. But still many people have no idea how to install the YouTube Pro APK on their android device, now if you are also one of them then just follow some simple instructions which are given below and easily install the YouTube Pro on your device.

Step1: To continue the installation process you have to first visit the device setting then find the unknown resource.

Step2: Then you have to give permission for installation by enabling the unknown resource.

Step3: Now visit the device file manager and open the YouTube Pro APK and click on the installation button.

Step4: So here will be your installation is finally started so let it complete till it comes with option done or open.

Step5: Then now you can enjoy all the premium features of YouTube free on this YouTube Pro APK.

People Also Ask

Is using the YouTube Pro APK safe?

Yes of course the YouTube Pro APK is completely safe to use on your android device, because it’s an open source application which is managed by GitHub. Along with its never ask to root your device.

How to install the YouTube Pro App in PC or Laptop?

Any PC or Laptop doesn’t support any kinds of android application so you can’t install YouTube Pro MOD APK on PC. But you can install an emulator which can help you to install YouTube Pro on PC or Laptop. And Bluestacks is one of the best emulator.

Can I get YouTube Pro from Google Play Store?

Basically the YouTube Pro APK is a third party modified application so it’s not possible to download it from Google Play Store because play store doesn’t support third part apps. So you can download the YouTube Pro App from here.

How do I download a YouTube video into my phone?

There are so many modified application available of YouTube and also third party sites to download YouTube videos, Although you can download videos directly to phone using the YouTube Pro from.

How to update YouTube Pro APK?

To update this third party YouTube Pro you have to download and install manually, and to update official YouTube you can do via Play Store. So download the YouTube Pro latest version from here and install to updated version.

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