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YouTube++ APK is a modified version of the original YouTube app which provide some features that haven’t in original YouTube. And today in this article we’ll explore all about YouTube Plus Plus APK which is used a million of peoples for their amazing features. In this app gives you features like Ads free content, device background play, download videos, and more. So if you want to use those features on your device then you can use this app which is developed by team vanced, and trusted by XDA. The amazing features of this app is you can switch to an audio-only mode that plays only the audio from the video, allowing you to save bandwidth. Moreover, YouTube++ APK allows you to disable age restrictions on videos, giving you access to all content.

YouTube++ APK for Android
App NameYouTube++
DeveloperVanced Team
Size105 MB
Last UpdateNov 24, 2023



YouTube++ Just Like YouTube Premium Which Will Give Features Like Pro Users, You Should Try.

Build Date: 24/11/2023 (Trusted By XDA)

What is YouTube++ APK

YouTube++ APK is an unofficial app which gives some additional features which don’t have in original YouTube App. And that’s why this app has lots of popularity for all YouTube users. Also, you need to know that It is not endorsed or supported by YouTube and is not available on official app stores like the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. This is an app which people’s also used for an alternative of YouTube Vanced app that has same features as Vanced but look like original one. However, using this app will be safe and useful for you.

Why YouTube++ APK

Because YouTube++ APK is based on YouTube recent update and others more features makes this app popular. Also, this app also comes with the iOS devices which you can use on your iPhone to enjoy features like Ads free, background play, SponsorBlock, etc. And you don’t need to worry about your privacy and safety because here we have shared with you this APK which is malware free and anti-ban. Even you can use this YouTube app with your Google account to use all features. To make you understood, we have shown you the difference between regular YouTube and YouTube++ APK which you can read below.

YouTube vs YouTube Plus Plus

Exclusive FeaturesYouTube Plus PlusYouTube
Free Watermark Remove
Ads Free
Instant download
Dark Theme
Sponsor Block

Exclusive Features From YouTube Plus Plus

Are you ready to enjoy those amazing features of YouTube++ APK? Well, before you download the APK file, we would like to suggest you to read this features explanation which will help you to enjoy this app batter experience. So read below to know all about this app:


No Ads on YouTube Plus Plus

One of the main features of YouTube++ APK is ad-blocking. It blocks ads from appearing in videos, allowing you to watch videos without interruptions. And as you know, this feature is not available on YouTube official version, so it’s one of the reasons why users choose to download YouTube++ APK. However, this app also allows you to customize your ads appearance, which setting you can edit as you wish. So you can allow the app to show ads where you want to like.

Downloading videos

Yes, YouTube++ APK allow you directly save a video on your device which you can watch offline. Downloading videos using YouTube++ APK can be a very useful feature, as it allows you to save your favorite content to your device and watch it anytime, anywhere without an internet connection. This can come in handy, especially when you’re traveling to places where internet connectivity is poor or unavailable. By downloading a video beforehand, you can still enjoy it without having to rely on Wi-Fi or cellular data. However, it’s important to remember that downloading copyrighted content without permission is illegal, so be sure to only download videos that you have the right to access.

Audio Playback

In this YouTube++ APK you’ll be able to play videos in the background, download audio files. So using this app you can play a YouTube song video on your device as an audio. And as you know, YouTube have billions of songs those haven’t in others song streaming platform like Spotify, even YouTube Music. So if you are looking to leasing a music which have only available on YouTube then you don’t need to watch the video to enjoy the audio only. In this case, you can use this YouTube++ APK to enjoy songs from YouTube app.

Video playback quality

Using this app, you can watch your videos with high quality for better experience. Even in this app also comes with data save mode which will help you to save your data. Still, you need to know that playback quality may depend on several factors, such as your device’s screen resolution, internet connection speed, and the quality of the video itself. YouTube++ APK offer additional playback quality options, including higher resolutions or frame rates, which may not be available in the official YouTube app.

Sign In With Your Account

Official YouTube you also use without sing in, as same you can also YouTube++ APK without sing in, but there are some basic and needed features you’ll get after sing in your Google account in YouTube++ APK. Like needed features Subscriptions, Watch History, Playlists, Liked videos, Upload videos, Commenting, Notifications. So if you want those features on your YouTube++ APK, then you have to sing in with your account. And the good news is YouTube++ allow you to sing in option which you can be using by help MicroG app. So you need to install MicroG App first and then install YouTube++ APK and go to YouTube++ setting and where you’ll see the login option which will redirect to microg app, after signing your account you’ll also able to use YouTube Vanced Music and ReVanced YouTube as well.


SponsorBlock is a YouTube++ feature that allows users to automatically skip sponsor segments in YouTube videos. It works by crowdsourcing data from users who manually mark the start and end times of sponsor segments in videos. This data is then used to automatically skip those segments when watching the same video in the future. Using this feature, you don’t need to skip those sponsor clips by your self, because it will automatically detect and skip for you. And this is the one of the most useful feature, and why peoples love to use this app.

Dislike Button

The “Dislike” button in the official YouTube app allows users to express their dissatisfaction or negative opinion about a video. When a user clicks on the “Dislike” button, the number of dislikes for that particular video increases. Well, in this YouTube++ APK comes with features called return YouTube Dislike which make you able to see a video dislike again. So if you want to know a video dislike count then you can use this app to see the number of dislike.

Custom Playback Speed

As we all know, we can play a YouTube video with different speed to watch a video with more clarification. But in this YouTube++ APK allow you to play a video with more custom speed where you can play a video up to 8x speed. This feature is useful for those who want to watch videos at a slower pace for better understanding or at a faster speed to save time.

Key Features

  • Ad blocking:
  • Background playback:
  • Audio playback:
  • Video playback quality:
  • Downloading videos:
  • No age restrictions:
  • Auto-replay:
  • Screen-off playback:
  • Account Log In:

Download YouTube Plus Plus APK For Android

So what you think about YouTube++ APK? Let us know in the comment section below if you have a feather query about this APK, because we would also like to know your opinion. This app is developed and offered by Team Vanced, which will be safe to use and secure. Also, we recommend you to download a third party APK file from a trusted source for your privacy and safety. As you can read in this article, we have provided you all about this app information and explain the features, also we like to know you here we just shared with you this post only for knowledge purpose and genuine source. So if you like our work, then you can share it with your friends too.


  1. Background playback or ad-blocking
  2. Customizable user experience
  3. Compatibility
  4. For All Android


  1. Unofficial apps are not officially endorsed or supported by YouTube
  2. Apps may violate YouTube’s terms of service
  3. Unofficial apps can pose security risks
  4. May not receive regular updates and bug fixes

How To Download YouTube Plus Plus APK

As you know, this is a third party app which is not available in any official app store like Google Play Store, etc. So you have to download the APK file from a trusted source like us, and we don’t clam that we are the developers of this app we are just shearing the latest version Vanced apps with an easy way. So you can download the YouTube++ APK from here to use the safe and malware free APK file. And you can follow the steps below to get the APK file:

  • Click on the download button from the post.
  • And you’ll visit the download page, where from you can select the APK file latest or older version.

How To Install YouTube Plus Plus APK

Now after download the APK file you have to install the APK file manually on your Android device, which will be very easy. And if you already have experience about installation an app on Android, then you can skip this guide, because there is nothing new for you. But if you don’t know how to install an app in Android manually, then you can follow the steps below:

Enable unknown sources: Before you can install the APK file, you may need to enable installation from unknown sources in your device’s security settings.

  • Now go to your file manager and click on the APK file (YouTube++ APK).
  • After click the APK file, the installation process will start and may take a moment.
  • After finish the installation process, you can open the app and enjoy with all those features for free.

People Also Ask

Q: What is YouTube++ APK?

A: YouTube++ is a Modded version of Official YouTube App which have some extra features which don’t have in regular version. You can use this app to watch YouTube without ads and sponsorblock for free.

Q: Is it safe to use YouTube++ APK?

A: Using YouTube++ from here will be safe. But as you know, modified versions of apps may come with certain risks, such as security vulnerabilities or compatibility issues.

Q: Can YouTube++ APK be downloaded from the Google Play Store?

A: No, YouTube++ APK cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store as it is not an official app. You can the APK file from here with the latest and working version.

Q: Is it legal to use YouTube++ APK?

A: This is a modified version of YouTube app may violation of the app’s terms of service. In technically, YouTube ++ is not fully legal as well. But if you don’t have interested to watch Ads then you can use this app.

Q: Can YouTube++ APK be used on iOS devices?

A: Yes, there is a version of YouTube++ for iOS devices, but it may require jailbreaking the device, which can void its warranty. So you can also use this YouTube Plus Plus APK on your iOS device by downloading iOS version at your own responsibility.

Q: What features does YouTube++ APK offer?

A: YouTube ++ will give you all Ads free content, play back on your device, sponsorblock, downloading videos to watch offline, and more for free. The good news is this app is fully free to use, and it’s available here as well.

Q: Is YouTube++ APK free to use?

Yes, this app is free to use all time which you can use on your Android without any limitation. You just need to download the APK file from here and have to install the APK file manually.

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