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Discover the new revelation of YouTube Music known as YouTube Music Vanced and experience the YouTube Music with ultimate features. If you are also searching YouTube Music Vanced APK then you have visited the perfect place because here we also explained the Vanced music completely. For enjoying the YouTube Music without a single annoying ads and sponsor part the Vanced version of YT Music is one of the best which you can find. If you are a true music lover and you love to enjoy all your favorite music only on YT Music and you are getting bored with the regular YouTube Music then Vanced version of YT Music is best for you. The YouTube Music Vanced is a full bucket of premium features where you can enjoy your music with more joy. It has real time lyrics experience where you can enjoy the lyrics on the music play display.

YouTube Music Vanced Latest
App NameYouTube Music Vanced
DeveloperVanced Team
Size50 MB
Last UpdateNov 18, 2023


YouTube Music Vanced

Listen to your all favorite music in all New Vanced Music with ads free authentic experience.

Last Build Date: 18/11/2023 (Trusted By XDA)

What is Vanced YouTube Music APK

YouTube launched on February 14, 2005, and from the begging it becomes famous day by day, and currently it has more than 10 billions + download in all over the world. Since the huge success of YouTube they launched the YouTube Music where people can listen only music from the YouTube. Now if you think what is YouTube Music Vanced, so basically it’s a modified version of YT Music where you will get ultimate features that you never get in the regular YT Music. The vanced Music is basically developed by a third party developer, in the other hand YT Music is developed YouTube, a subsidiary of Google. In short, the YouTube Music Vanced is an open source to enjoy all the premium features of YouTube Music completely free.

Why YouTube Vanced Music

Those who are using such various kinds of YouTube modified version to enjoy the YT Music without ads and along with more premium features, they should try this amazing YouTube Music Vanced. Now if you think why should you consider Vanced YouTube rather than YouTube Music. Then its simple the Vanced Music always bring you those ultimate premium features free which you have to purchase from the official version instead of real money. Not only that there are also so many features which are so useful for you such as Customize Equalizer, Return Dislike Button, Restricted Mode, Create Own Playlist, Sponsor Block, etc.

YouTube Music vs Vanced Music

Exclusive FeaturesYouTube Music VancedYouTube Music
Restricted Mode
Ads Free
Instant download
Offline Mode

Exclusive YouTube Music Vanced Features

Try the best modified version of YouTube Music known as YouTube Music Vanced and explore the ultimate features. This Vanced Music App always brings their users amazing features that they never used before. With this music streaming platform listen to all your favorite music without ads even it comes with sponsor block. Along with enjoy the real time lyrics among equalizer. However, the vanced Music also comes with endless features which you can explore for example Show animated thumbnails, Save mobile data charges., access local offline music, also many including:

Ads Blocker

YouTube Music Vanced Ads Blocker

As we all know that ads is the only reason why people go for using YouTube Music modified, and there are so many modified version available for YouTube Music. But the thing is not all the modified version remove all the ads, although they are claiming that the app will be completely ads free but still some ads you have to see. So if you want a best modified version where you never have to face any kinds of ads than the Vanced Music is the only best option available. So download the YouTube Music Vanced from here and listen to all your favorite music without having any kinds of ads with its ad blocked feature.

Sponsor Block

Sponsor Block

Now this sponsor block is a very useful feature for those people who really want to enjoy the YouTube content completely. Because the sponsor block help you to watch all the content or music without any interruptions. The main thing is most of the YouTube content has comes with a sponsor part in the content, and each of the YouTube or YouTube Music user really doesn’t like that. Although you can skip the part, but still that will also an interruption for users. So if you don’t want that part permanently then install the YouTube Music Vanced and get sponsor block features which never bring you that part.

Create Own Playlist

Create Own Playlist

Most of the time people love to listen music while they are doing other activities, and doing other activities it’s not possible to always play their favorite music. And the thing is listening music is everyone has different test, so after listening a music the next music should be also your favorite. But all the time it’s not possible to autoplay your test’s music, for this situation has solution with the YouTube Music Vanced. Because with the Vanced Music you can create your own music. You just have to select all your favorite music which you want to listen when you are doing another thing and add them to the playlist. Then play the playlist and then you can listen all your favorite music next by next.

Restricted Mode

Restricted Mode

For those people who allow their device to their kids the restricted mode is very useful. You know what sometimes we watch and listen those musics which is not for our kids. So if you want to don’t allow your kids to not watch those content or music the YouTube Music Vanced is perfect for you. Because this Vanced Music ha comes with a very useful feature and that restricted mode. So whenever you will turn on the restricted mode than those content will hide for your kids. So use the Vanced Music and keep your kids away from those content which are not for any kids.

Return Dislike Button

Return Dislike Button

Do you know about the history of YouTube dislike button? So basically YouTube has launched in 2005 Feb and after 5 year in 2010 YouTube has launched for every content a like and dislike button. Then in November 2021 YouTube decided to remove the dislike button permanently. But the thing is dislike and like ratio describe the content is good or bad. So those old users of YouTube they are used to being for dislike button, now to remove the dislike is very bad thing for those. So if you are also one of them who also want the dislike button back then use the Vanced Music from here, Because this Vanced is coming with dislike and like button both.

Best Recommendation

Have you noticed that whenever you will listen to a music then to suggest for next music will be similar? Yes that’s how the YouTube algorithm works. Basically the myth behind this is everyone has different test of music and if you love to, listen party music then it’s not compulsory that your friend also love to listen party music. So that why whenever someone listens to party music for example then the nest music also will be recommended party music. In short the Vanced Music bring you the best recommendation rather other music streaming platform across you have used before.

Real Time Lyrics

Real Time Lyrics

Music can change the world! And when listening music people also love to sing, For making a music popular lyrics has the 50% contribution. So if you are also one of them who also love to sing while listening to your favorite music but you are using a music streaming where you can’t get the real time lyrics with the music then the Vanced music is for you. Because the app we have shared here which will bring the awesome features of real time lyrics. Now with the YouTube Music Vanced you can always get the real time lyrics on the streaming display which will help you to read and understand the lyrics for singing.

Customize Equalizer

Customize Equalizer

Did you know that? With the Vanced Music you will get a specific equalizer and for music and mix lover it’s a very useful feature. Sometimes many people love to listen music in various type of tune and effects, but the thing is every music streaming platform doesn’t come with equalizer where you can control the bass, midrange, treble, etc. All you just need a headset to listen to music with various effects. As we all know that we listen music according to our mood, so whenever you think that you need to change the music tune and effect just use the equalizer. So enhance your music listening experience with Vanced equalizer.

Key Features

  • Ad-Free Experience Stream truly unlimited music all the day even without ads.
  • Background Playback Do other thing while listening music with background play.
  • Return Dislike Button Now It’s available with dislike button which is disabled on YouTube Music.
  • Related Recommendations Get to recommend for those musics which you love to listen.
  • Equalizer A amazing equalizer where control the full system of sound effect.
  • Restricted Mode It will help you to disable those content which are now for your kids.
  • Real-Time Lyrics Get real time lyrics if you love to sang while listening music.
  • Data Sever Data sever can save your battery more than 20% before.
  • Create Your Own Playlist Create your own playlist and add all the favorite music.
  • Non Rooted Install the Vanced Music without even rooting your device.

Download Vanced YouTube Music For Android

Vanced Music is an amazing source of listening unlimited music from YouTube music without having ads. So if you are listing music from YouTube Music since many days and want to try some new features then you should try this amazing YouTube Music Vanced from here. The Vanced Music is a completely modified version where you can stream all the day without even sponsor part in the music. Now if you have any doubt about this app then don’t worry this is very safe and secure working application which you can find. And we highly suggest you to use from here because we have tested the YouTube Music Vanced with our thousand users and they find it incredible.


  1. Ads Free Streaming
  2. SponsorBlock
  3. Premium Subscription Unlocked
  4. Offline Mode
  5. Battery Saver


  1. Not Working For All Device
  2. Updates Available Manually
  3. Updates Delay
  4. Sometimes Crash The App

How To Download YouTube Music Vanced

To download YouTube Music Vanced Extended there are some few steps which you have to follow.

First go to the top of this page and get the download button and click on that >> Now you will visit to the download page where you can see various of links and version available >> Then choose your version according to your requirement and device requirement >> So click on the version which you have decided to download for your device >> After all those process here will you downloading is start now let it complete and its about to install on your device.

How To Install YouTube Music Vanced APK

Installing the Vanced Music is way easy as installing a simple app, Still many people have no idea how to install it, So if you are also one of them you can just follow some simple steps which I have shared below. There are some few instructions which will help you to install the app.

Step1: For continuing the installation first visit your device setting and find the unknown resource.

Step2: Now you have to give permission to unknown resource to install the app, enable that.

Step3: Then visit the file manager and open the Vanced Music and then click to install button.

Step4: From here your Vanced music installation was about to start so let the process complete till its show done to the app.

Step5: So now you are available to use the app to your device, now enjoy unlimited ads free streaming with the Vanced Music.

Popular FAQ

Is using the YouTube Music Vanced safe?

Those who are worried about using the YouTube Music Vanced from here don’t worry because the YouTube Music Vanced is completely safe to use, Currently its under GitHub, and everyone knows that GitHub is one of the most secure source.

How to install the YouTube Music Vanced APK?

If you want to install the YouTube Music Vanced then its very simple and easy you just have followed some simple steps, compare to rooted version this non-rooted version is always easy to use.

Can I get Vanced YouTube Music from Google Play Store?

No you never get the YouTube Music Vanced from Google Play Store just because play store never support any kinds of third party application, and the YouTube Music Vanced is a third party app, But if you want to download then download from here.

How to update Vanced YouTube Music?

As I told the Vanced Music is a third party application and update for all the third party application you have to do manually because you can’t find them on the Play Store. So whenever you want to update just download the latest version from here and install that.

Is Vanced YouTube Music legal?

Although it’s a third party application to use but still it’s not an illegal application for your device, The Vanced Music completely managed by the GitHub and it’s totally secure, So you can download YouTube Music Vanced APK from here.

How to download songs on YouTube Music Vanced?

Those who are don’t know how to download music from Vanced Music then its very easy and simple, Just play the music which you want to download then there you will get a direct download button so click on that and your downloading will start.

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