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Searching for the YouTube Blue APK, so this is the best option for you, Here we also shared the latest version of YouTube Blue where you can enjoy all your YouTube content without having ads. Basically the YouTube Blue is another one of the popular application where you will get features which you have never used in official YouTube before. For those who are getting bored by using the official YouTube with Its fewer features, the Blue will be the best option. This amazing modified of YouTube is not only for ads free interface, even it comes with lots of incredible features like instant download videos. Where the official YouTube doesn’t allow people to download content to their internal storage, in the other hand, using the YouTube Blue you can instantly download any of your favorite content.

YouTube Blue for Android
App NameYouTube Blue
DeveloperVancedApp Team
Size98 MB
Last UpdateNov 24, 2023


YouTube Blue

Get the latest YouTube Bule APK for Android for Free (Secure 100%)

Build Date: 24/11/2023 (Trusted By XDA)

What is YouTube Blue App

YouTube Blue is a highly customized and well optimized third party modified version of YouTube, where you will get all the premium features of YouTube completely free. The developer of this stunning Blue is a third party developer, so you can’t find this application of Google Play Store. Although it’s a third party application but still we suggest you to use the YouTube Blue because it has endless features which are really unavailable on YouTube. In short, the YouTube Blue is always best, rather official YouTube.

Why YouTube Blue APK

Using the official YouTube, you have to purchase a premium subscription for watching all the content without having ads. Although after purchasing the premium subscription, still you will not get so many features which are completely free in this amazing modified version of YouTube. Now there are so many available for you should use the YouTube Blue, rather official YouTube. Now if you are thinking why the YouTube Blue because there are also many YouTube modified version available, so the thing is each of application comes with their own specialty. So the same way in this YouTube Blue you will get feature like paused watch history.

YouTube vs YouTube Blue

Exclusive FeaturesYouTube BlueYouTube
Download Videos
Ads Free
Window Style
Paused History
Dark Theme

Exclusive Features From YouTube Blue

The YouTube Blue is only known for its specialty and endless very useful features. So the same way this app will bring you so many useful features that you never use before in the official YouTube. One of the most useful features has in YouTube Blue is Ads free, Background play, paused watch history, and also many things including:

Ads Free

Directly Download Videos YouTube Blue

Ads is the only reason why people bored from official YouTube, Because watching content from YouTube there are so many ads which you have to watch before and after watching a content. Now there is only one way available to avoid those such annoying ads and that is purchasing the premium subscription with the exchange of real money. Also, if you are a PC user then you can add an ad blocker extension to your browser which can help you to avoid ads. However, this YouTube Blue also has ad blocker which never forced you to watch a single ad before or after watching a content. So enhance your experience with the YouTube content watching.

Background Play

YouTube Blue Background Play

For those who are using YouTube as their music listening platform then this background play is very useful feature for those. Because with this awesome feature they can off their display while listening music. YouTube offer background play only for premium user and getting premium subscription you will need for real money. Also, this features available with YouTube Vanced. But if you don’t want to use the YouTube Vanced and official YouTube both and you want to use the Blue just because its own specialty then don’t worry. Because the blue version of YouTube which we have shared here that also has background play features.

Directly Download Videos

YouTube Blue User Friendly Interface

All the official YouTube user knows very well that downloading videos from directly YouTube isn’t possible. YouTube has option to save video, but those videos will be save to your YouTube account as offline video and you can’t share them with others. Now to download video directly from YouTube you will need an online YouTube video downloading tool or a third party application. But if you want to avoid all those third party process then use the YouTube Blue from here. You can find a separated option to download videos. Now the best part those videos you will be downloading those will save to your internal device, so you can share those with anyone.

Paused Watch History

All the YouTube users they are really unknown about the very useful feature know for paused watch history. Basically using the official YouTube after watching each of the content there will be a watch history which you can see anytime. But most of the people don’t want that their watching history visible. So if you are also one of them then instant download the YouTube Blue from here. Because the YouTube Blue is the only YouTube modified application where you can pause to watch history. Now if you watch any of your favorite content which you want to no one knows it will be not saved.

New Themes

From the beginning everyone who use YouTube they use the daily same background, And we all know that most of the social platform like Facebook, Instagram comes with astounding dark and black background. One of the best thing about the dark theme is It’s so much battery saver rather than white. And YouTube is so much battery consuming, So you should use the dark or Black theme. So download the YouTube Blue from here and get the dark theme for your YouTube. Using the YouTube Blue also can save your battery more than 20% compare to official YouTube. Along with the Blue YouTube also has battery saver mode.

High Quality Watching

High Quality Watching YouTube Blue

As we all know that watching content in YouTube is really great experience for us and the simple reason is YouTube offers really high quality watching experience with 144P to 4K. But the worst thing is the high quality is only for high-end device, So if you have low quality device then you can’t watch videos in the high quality. Moreover, if you are using a midrange device but still you want to enjoy all the amazing YouTube content in the high resolution than the YouTube Blue is best for you. Because the YouTube Blue has support for 144P, 240P, 360P, 480P, 720P, 1080P, 2K, 4K, etc. So enhance your YouTube video watching experience with the YouTube Blue.

User Friendly Interface

Those who are using the official YouTube since many years they know very well how to manage and use the app properly. So the thing is after using an application for years then suddenly switching to another application which will be its alternative or modified is quite difficult for users. However, it’s only for other modified application not with YouTube Blue. Because the YouTube Blue comes with very much user-friendly interface, So you can easily manage the app for any activities you want to do with the app. So if you are worried about that then its very simple, In short using the YouTube Blue is as simple as using the official YouTube.

Key Features

  • Ad-blocker – Watch all your favorite YouTube content without having ads.
  • Window Style You can minimize the screen size while surfing other videos.
  • Download Videos Instantly download any of your favorite content and share with friends.
  • Recommendation Get the best content recommendation you have experience ever.
  • Paused History Paused the watch history and so YouTube can never previous history.
  • High Quality Streaming Watch all the videos in high quality with 144p to 4K.
  • Theme Make the YouTube interface interesting with dark and white theme.
  • User Friendly Interface The interface comes with YouTube Blue is very easy to use.

Download YouTube Blue APK For Android

There are lots of YouTube modified version available, but the special thing is each of modified version comes with their own specialty. So also same with this amazing YouTube modified YouTube Blue, This app will bring you those features which you can never find in the other YouTube alternative. YouTube Blue provide incredible features that you never get from other app like YouTube Pink, YouTube Red, etc. The features known as paused watch history, and it’s a very useful feature for those who wants to keep their YouTube history privet from others. In short if you need an amazing alternative of YouTube where you can watch all the content without ads then the YouTube Blue is one of the best. Also, we suggest you to use the YouTube Blue APK from here, because we have tested the application with our thousand of users and they found it a great to explore all the YouTube content.


  1. Ads Free
  2. Paused Watch History
  3. Instant Video Download
  4. Background Play
  5. Premium Subscription Free


  1. Not Working For All Device
  2. Updates Available Manually
  3. Updates Delay
  4. Sometimes Crash The App

How To Download YouTube Blue

Download Guide: To download the YouTube Blue get the download button top of this page click on that > Now you will visit the original download, Where you have got various version and links > Then select your according version which will be working for your device > So here will be the downloading is finally started, let the process complete till the end.

How To Install YouTube Blue

Easy Installation: Installing the YouTube Blue is so easy and simple for the non-rotted version as compare to the rotted version. But still if you want to know about full instruction then follow those simple steps given below and instantly install the YouTube Blue to your device.

  1. To continue the installation process of YouTube Blue first visit your device setting.
  2. Then find the unknown resource and enable the setting for the full processes.
  3. Now open your device file manager and open the YouTube Blue and click to install button.
  4. So from here the installation process will be complete automatically.
  5. Now you can enjoy all the YouTube content without ads in the YouTube Blue.
YouTube Blue Installation
YouTube Blue Installation step 2

Popular FAQ

Is using the YouTube Blue safe?

Although YouTube Blue is a modified version of YouTube where you will find endless features that are unavailable on YouTube but still the YouTube Blue one of the best and safe to experience the millions YouTube content without ads. However, to install the YouTube Blue, there is also no need to root the device.

How to install the YouTube Blue in PC or Laptop?

If you don’t know, then PC or laptop doesn’t support any kinds of android application to install. But still if you want to enjoy the YouTube Blue on your PC then you have to install an emulator first, And Bluestacks is one of the best emulator to use for your PC or Laptop.

Can I get YouTube Blue from Google Play Store?

First thing you should know about this YouTube Blue, that is its a third party application, The thing is Google Play Store doesn’t support any kinds of third party application to their store. So if you want to download the YouTube Blue then this page is best version from here you will get the latest version instantly.

How to update YouTube Blue?

As we all know that to manage and update the YouTube Vanced there are need for a Vanced Manager, but for YouTube Blue there are no required for any other application to its update. You can simply visit this page again and get the latest version and install it on your device.

What is the best modified version of YouTube?

For finding the best modified version of YouTube there are many to get just like YouTube Vanced and YouTube ReVanced which is always best for users. But using the YouTube Blue you can experience something new with YouTube also Blue is one of the best available all the modified version.

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