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Are you getting annoy by using official YouTube? Where you have to watch ads before and after watching a content, then here we have shared an amazing solution for you. Basically, here we have shared the fully customized and modified version of YouTube, which is known as YouTube Black. This modified version of YouTube never appear ads on video, so your experience will be always great while watching YouTube content. However, if you are also here for getting the YouTube Black APK, then this is the right place you have visited. Nowadays, people are really addicted to YouTube because YouTube has billions of content to watch, where everyone finds their favorite content. But due to so many ads, their experience getting worse, so the best official alternative is the Black YouTube. Now download the YouTube Black for android and enjoy tons of features among ads free watching and background play.

YouTube Black APK for Android
App NameYouTube Black
DeveloperVanced Team
Size105 MB
Last UpdateNov 24, 2023


Try Latest YouTube Black Version Which is Based on ReVanced.

Last Build Date: 24/11/2023 (Trusted By XDA)

What is YouTube Black

As we all know that YouTube is offered by the Google LLC which is their official, In the other hand the YouTube Black is a third party modified app of official YouTube which is based on ReVanced patches. The main motive of this modified YouTube Black is to provide tons of more features compare to YouTube which include ads free watching, background play, save offline, and also many features. The YouTube also offers manually customizations to add which YouTube never offer. In short using this incredible alternative and modified version of YouTube you will be able to enjoy each of the content from YouTube without having any kinds of interruptions and restrictions.

Why YouTube Black

Why people should use the YouTube Black instead of the official YouTube? So there are lots of reason why people should use the YouTube Black, so the main reason if less features and YouTube ads. The YouTube Black is a modified version so therefor it doesn’t appear ads while content eve not on the feed. Now if you are thought that there are also lots of customized version available so why we prefer YouTube Black over other app like YouTube Blue, YouTube Pink, YouTube Red. So the concern is each of YouTube modified version has their own specialty which you can’t get in other one. So the same way the YouTube Black offers such really useful features that really unavailable on other modified version.

YouTube vs YouTube Black

Exclusive FeaturesYouTubeYouTube Vanced
Download Offline
Dislike Button
Sponsor Block
Dark Theme

Exclusive Features From YouTube Black

The YouTube Black is always known to provide tons of features that you can use so therefor you will get features that you never used in the official YouTube. Just like high quality watching basically in the official YouTube you can also watch content in the high quality, but the thing is if your device is not that much capable then you can’t watch in high quality. But with the YouTube Black you can always watch content in the high quality if the video is uploaded as high quality. The Black YouTube also has many features like manually customizations dark theme and also many including:


ads free YouTube Black APK

The main reason why people use some kinds of YouTube modified version from third party source is only for YouTube annoying ads. Basically we all know that YouTube appears lots of ads while you, you will watch content and that people really doesn’t want to watch because ruined their experience. Although there was a way to stop ads, and that is you have to get the premium subscription with the exchange of real money. However, if you don’t want to use your valuable money to stop YouTube ads then this Black YouTube always best option for you. The YouTube Black never appears ads while watching content, even on the feed.

Background playback

Do you always prefer YouTube for listening music and podcast? Then this features is always best for you because with the background play you never have to turn on the YouTube display ton run your video player while listening to music and podcast. Did you know that? YouTube also has background play features but it’s only available of premium users but if you are a regular user then you can’t use the background play features. The background play also helps you to save your battery more than 20%. So get the YouTube Black from here and listen to all your favorite music and podcast with the background players.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is one of the best useful features for those people who are really addicted with YouTube. Because we all know that always looking on the mobile display isn’t safe for use, it can harm our eye. And if you turn on the display always in white theme then it’s also more harmful, So you always should turn on the dark theme over white theme if you are daily users of YouTube. Also, if you are getting bored with always same white interface then this will be a great substitute for you. Over all the thing, the dark theme also help to save your device charge compare to the white theme.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

Everyone uses their mobile for multitasking and while watching content on the YouTube you can’t do multitasking because if you minimize the YouTube then the player will be stopped. So use the YouTube Black over the official YouTube because it has the PIP mode. In short the picture in picture mode in the YouTube black gives you a popup display where you can watch your content. Now you can use other apps like WhatsApp and Facebook for your important things even while you are enjoying your favorite content, Because a small popup display will always appear on the display.


As compare to the official YouTube, people love to use the modified and customized version because using the modified version like Black YouTube there are tons of customization option available. Just like comment section if you don’t want to see videos comments then you can hide each of the videos comments. Also, an amazing customized feature available where you can copy video link with timestamps feature. Not only that, you can manually customize your own playlist with all your favorite music and videos. There are little customization option I have shared here, but Black YouTube has tons of option which you can use after installing the app.

Swipe Control

Swipe control is a really interesting and useful features that you can only find in this Black YouTube. Because with the swipe control you can control the device brightness and sound. To control the sound, you just need to swipe up and down your device left side display. And same with the brightness, where you have to swipe up and down right display. Otherwise, using the official YouTube, you have to scroll down the device toolbar to adjust brightness. And to adjust sound, you have to do it with device button. So use the Black YouTube and make the thing very easy.

Dislike return

Did you know that? People are getting very disappoint with YouTube because in the Nov 2021 they remove the dislike button permanently. Because with the dislike button people can dislike those content which are really worst and if they like a content than they can like that. Un short people can give their opinion with the both dislike and like button. So if you are also one of them who also like to like and dislike videos according to your choice then you will be love this Black YouTube. Because the Black YouTube bring back the dislike button.

Save offline

Sometimes we like a content from YouTube, and we want to share that with someone in offline by downloading that. But the thing is with YouTube we can’t download that in the internal storage because YouTube allow us to save that video to our account as offline version. So that’s why people use such third party app or website to download that on their device storage. However, downloading from other source isn’t really safe. So if you are facing the same thing then you can try this amazing modified version of known as Black YouTube because it offers to download videos directly to internal storage.

Key Features

  • Ad-blocking: It removes all types of ads, including video ads, banner ads, and sponsored ads.
  • Background playback: It allows users to play audio or video in the background while using other apps or when the screen is turned off.
  • Picture-in-picture mode: It enables users to continue watching a video in a small window while using other apps.
  • Override Maximal Resolution: You can stream videos at resolutions higher than 1080p or 1440p that are not available on the official app.
  • Themes: It provides users with the option to choose different themes, including dark mode and custom themes, to personalize the app’s appearance.
  • Repeat video: You can choose to repeat a video automatically after it finishes playing, which is not available in the official app.
  • Video Downloading: It allows users to download videos for offline viewing, which is not available in the official app.

Download YouTube Black APK For Android

In conclusion, YouTube Vanced provides some useful features that enhance the viewing experience, such as ad-free viewing, background playback, and video downloading. However, You can also use this app with your Google account by using microG app which is a best alternative of Google service. YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the official YouTube app that includes several features not found in the original app. These features include ad-blocking, background playback, and the ability to download videos. It is not available on the Google Play Store and must be downloaded from the VancedApp.Net website.


  1. Ad-free experience
  2. Background playback
  3. Video download
  4. Customization
  5. Visible dislikes


  1. Security concerns
  2. Unsupported by YouTube
  3. Updates
  4. Dependency

How To Download YouTube Black APK

As we have already told you, this is an open source (GitHub) public project which was first star by a community called team vanced, and now old Vanced has been discontinued for legal issues. And now million of peoples love to use Vanced app for their uncritical features. And if you also want to use YouTube Vanced with more features, than you should try new latest version YouTube Vanced which is based on ReVanced patches. So don’t need to worry about any error or bugs, it’s complete tested by our developers team.

And this app is not available in Google Play Store, which you have to download from a trusted website like VancedApp.Net because it’s so impotent to protect your privacy from unsafe apps. Also, we’re requesting you to download this app only from a secure and safe place.

Even you can download the latest version YouTube Black APK from here which is based on YouTube recent version and compatible with Android devices. To download the APK file from here, you can follow the steps below:

Steps 1: Open your any browser and search -YouTube Black VancedApp.Net and hit enter.

Steps 2: Now you can see the search result and click on the page, and you’ll visit our article where we have shared with you all about YouTube Black APK with all features explain, so read the post carefully before download.

Steps 3: After reading the post, if you’re felt safer than you can visit our download page where from you can find more varies and version of YouTube Black APK.

Steps 4: After click on the download button, the downloading will start, and it should take 1–2 minutes to complete (Depend on your network speed).

That’s it! You’ll have easily downloaded the latest version YouTube Black APK file. Now you have to install it on your Android device by following the manual guide.

How To Install YouTube Black APK

To install YouTube Black on your Android, far easy because this a non-root app which is Android easily allow you to install on your device by enabling some permissions. But don’t need to worry about permissions, it’s safe and necessary to assess this app. But if you already know how to install this app on your Android, then you can skip this installation guide as well. And if you’re going to install an APK file on your Android device first time, then you can follow the showing steps below:

Steps 1: After download the APK file, go to your device file manager and locate the APK file and click on it.

Steps 2: Now if your device asking for enabling the unknown source option, then don’t hesitate to enable this setting, just because you’re going to install this app by manually. (To enable: Setting>Security>Down below> enable unknown source)

Steps 3: Now the APK file will be pressing to install, it may take a moment. After completing the installation process, you can open the YouTube Black APK and enjoy those amazing vanced features.

Now you’re done! Open the app and sing in with your Google account and eligible for more features. But it’s impotent to note you must have to install MicroG app on your device to sing in with your google account.

Popular FAQ

Q: How to download YouTube Black APK?

A: To download the latest version, YouTube Vanced Black APK you can visit on this page where we have provided the APK file which you can get by follow easily. Or you can get the APK file from others trusted sources like GitHub, XDA developers forum.

Q: Is YouTube Black APK safe?

A: Don’t need to worry about your safety privacy, because this app is offered by official Vanced which is trusted by million of peoples. Even this app is not asking for your personal information and others permission.

Q: What’s new is YouTube Black APK?

A: This is an YouTube app which is developed by vanced team where has same features as YouTube Vanced original. It’s just a black edition which has Dark AMOLED display theme, which is good news for all those black lovers.

Q: Is YouTube Black worked?

A: Yes, it’s finely work for almost every Android devices. And if you are also an Android device users, then you can download the APK file and use on your device to watch YouTube without ads and more amazing features.

Q: Can I use YouTube Black with my Google account?

A: Yes, you can use YouTube Black with your Google account by installing MicroG app which as an alternative of Google service, which will allow you to sing in with your Google account in Vanced YouTube Black APK.

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