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Do you are finding for an best free YouTube client which will be help you to connect your mobile with your smart TV? Then you have visited the right place. Here we have shared the advanced version customized YouTube client which give permissions to run on the Android TV that is known as Smart YouTube TV. This advanced version Smart YouTube TV APK not only offers to connect to TV even it offers ads free service. With the help of this Smart YouTube you can watch all your favorite YouTube content on the TV with big screen and it has up to 4K video resolution. The Smart YouTube is an open source application which is offer by Yuriy Lyskov and for further information you can touch with GitHub. So download the Smart YouTube and use the advanced features that you never use in other apps.

Smart YouTube Android
App NameSmart YouTube
DeveloperSmart YouTube Team
Size25 MB
Last UpdateOct 09, 2023


Smart YouTube for Android

Get The Latest Smart YouTube for Android.

Last Build Date: 09/10/2023 (Trusted By XDA)

What is Smart YouTube

Smart YouTube TV is an application which is made for your smart TV’s to access YouTube videos and the app offers tons of advance features that you have never used before. The Smart YouTube is a free and open-source application which is developed by Yuriy Lyskov. This multimedia gives users access to install and use a customized YouTube client on their smart TV that run on the Android TV operating system and those that support side-loading an APK file onto them.

Why Smart YouTube APK

There are many applications available which are same like customized YouTube client on their smart TV that run on the Android TV so why you should go with the Smart YouTube. Basically each of the YouTube client isn’t same and every YouTube client offers special features so the same way this Smart YouTube TV has amazing features like ads free watching background player. In short this Smart YouTube is most advanced version app which help you to run on the Android TV.

Exclusive Features From Smart YouTube TV

The Smart YouTube TV always know for offering such tons of features that people really enjoy with their content. Here you will get amazing features like ads blocking, background play, auto-repeat, high quality streaming and also many things including:

Ads Free Watching

Smart YouTube Ads Free

Did you know why people always prefer Smart YouTube other YouTube client? It’s because of you will get really useful features. When you will be watching YouTube content on the TV you have to watch lots of ads before and after watching each of the content. So in the other hand the Smart YouTube TV APK never provide ads while you will be watch content. So if you want to enjoy YouTube content always without ads then you should always use the Smart YouTube.

Best Recommendation

Watching content on TV or android device it’s always should be your favorite one otherwise your experience will be ruined. Basically everyone has a different test of content if you love to watch funny or romantic content than others people can be love to watch horror content. So that why the Smart YouTube has best algorithm which always show content that you always love to watch. If you are continually watching drama content then the next recommendation will be same drama content. In short the Smart YouTube APK has one of the best recommendation.

High Quality Watching

Watching content in high quality is always a great experience because nobody loves to watch content in low quality. So if you want to watch all the YouTube content in high quality on your smart TV then you have to find a best YouTube client which also provide best watching experience with high quality streaming. So among all the YouTube client for connect with smart TV then the Smart YouTube TV APK is always best option. Because the Smart YouTube provide to watch content in the 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, and up to 8K.

Easy To Access

Installing other YouTube client for watching content on the TV it can be so complicated with its so many requirements as compare to the Smart YouTube TV APK. In the other hand this Smart YouTube is always easy to install and easy to use. It has an easy and simple user-friendly interface which everyone can use. Also, the best thing about this app is it can run without even Google Services, along with it never ask you to log in with your Google account to watch content.

No Need To Root

Compare to rooted device non-rooted device is far better and safe to use, Basically using some kinds of rooted version app on your device it can harm your device. So whenever you will b install app from other source make sure that the application is completely root free to install. However, you can find lots of YouTube client which also support YouTube content on the TV, but the thing is those are can be rooted version. So that why we recommend you to use the Smart YouTube from here because its completely ads free and root free for all android device.

Key Features

  • Watch all the YouTube content on your smart TV even without having a single ad.
  • The Smart YouTube TV is completely designed for big screen TV.
  • You can log in to the Smart YouTube without even Google Services.
  • It can support the external software keyboard to access easily.
  • Use it with TV box remote controller because it supports TV box remote controller.
  • Watch all the amazing content in high quality which is up to 8K.
  • The Smart YouTube TV is a completely open source application.
  • To install the application you don’t have to root your device.
  • Use the background player and do other tasks.

Download Smart YouTube APK For Android

In conclusion for Smart YouTube TV APK we can proudly suggest you to us the app. If you are using other YouTube client to watch YouTube content on the TV then you should try this incredible from here. The Smart YouTube TV most advanced version which provide features like completely change your experience. However, we have tested the Smart YouTube with our thousand of users and they really like it with its endless features. One of the best thing about this app is it’s completely ads free which never bring you ads while you will be watching your favorite content. Now use the app and share your opinion on the comment like what you like about the app and what is the best option for you. So download the Smart YouTube APK from here and enjoy all the YouTube in a big screen by connecting your smart TV.


  1. Free and open-source
  2. Supports up to 4k
  3. No root need permission
  4. Login to account without Google Services


  1. Not officially supported by Android or Google
  2. No longer in active development

How To Download Smart YouTube APK

There are many options to download the Smart YouTube but always make sure that you are downloading the Smart YouTube from a trusted source like GitHub and otherwise it can harm your device privacy. And to download the app I have shared some simple steps below which you can follow to download it in just few clicks.

Step1: If you want to download pp then first find the download button which is share on the top of this page.

Step2: Then click on the download button and you will visit the download page, where you can see many options to download.

Step3: Now choose your version which is support on your android device and click on that button to start the process.

Step4: So here will be your downloading process was about to start so let it complete till 100%.

How To Install Smart YouTube APK

Installing the Smart YouTube TV very easy and simple but still many people have no idea how to install it on their device. Now if you are one of them just follow some simple instructions which I have shared below that can help you to install the Smart YouTube TV in just few seconds.

Step1: Installation of Smart YouTube TV is very easy just follow my steps here, So first visit your device setting.

Step2: Now you have to find the known resource to give the permission for installation process.

Step3: Then you have to enable the unknown resource from there and then visit the device file manager.

Step4: So find the Smart YouTube which you have downloaded and then open the app and click on the installation button.

Step5: After all the process your installation is about to start here so wait until it comes with option done and open.

Step6: Now in the end you have successfully installed the Smart YouTube on your android device so enjoy amazing features.

People Also Ask

Is using the Smart YouTube safe?

No you don’t have to worry when you want to install the Smart YouTube from here. Because the app is completely safe and secure, The application is an open source which is manged by GitHub.

Is Smart YouTube is free to use?

Yes of course the Smart YouTube is an open source third party application which provide users to use the app completely free even with tons of advance features.

Can I get Smart YouTube from Google Play Store?

The Smart YouTube is a third party open source application you never can find it on the Google Play Store, But if you want to download the Smart YouTube then you can visit here.

How to update Smart YouTube?

If you want to update the Smart YouTube then simply back here again, because this app can’t be update using Play Store because it’s unavailable and you have to do it manually.

How to watch YouTube on Samsung Smart TV?

To watch YouTube on the Samsung TV there are many applications you can find which can connect to the TV. And the Smart YouTube is one of the best among all them.

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