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SkyTube is a free, open-source YouTube player for all Android devices which you can use to watch a YouTube content without Ads for free. SkyTube App is really helpful for those users who don’t like to watch ads or playing a music song background of device. This app is developed by team SkyTube APK who was also developed a popular app like NewPipe, or others YouTube client app. However, this app is now getting more popular for its features which actually helpful for a user, like using this app you can download a video as well with different quality and more amazing features. The good news is this is an alive project which got update by the developers and it will bring more enhance feature and UI in next update.

Well, SkyTube made for nowadays high-end latest Android devices and same as it has available for older devices like Android 4.4+ devices. So don’t worry if you have an older version of Android device, SkyTube will help you to watch YouTube without any Ads for free. So read below before download the APK file to know all about this app:

App NameSkyTube
DeveloperTeam SkyTube
Size10 MB
Last UpdateOct 03, 2023


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Last Build Date: 03/10/2023 (Trusted By GitHub)

What is SkyTube

SkyTube is a free and open-source YouTube alternative, where you can watch your content without ads, download videos, background playback, without being tracked or having their data collected. This is an Android app which based on YouTube API to retrieve videos and provides features those features simple. By the way, SkyTube is based on privacy focused which is really give priority to its users and don’t collect or track users activity which, and it is the primary part of this app. It’s comes with various of video quality options support system which you can use to enjoy a music background with using others apps on same device.

Why SkyTube

SkyTube offers more advantage features than official YouTube app primarily in terms of privacy and security. This app is perfect for those users who really don’t want to share their privacy and activity to Google and watch lots of Ads. There are more amazing reason why peoples love to use SkyTube app. And one of the most loved feature is it has ad-blocking capabilities, which help a user to watch video without ads interrupted. Even you can download a video to watch it without internet or share with others device, but there will be download limitation. To know more about all features of this app, you can read below with explanation.

Main Features of SkyTube

SkyTube is a YouTube alternative that offers several features to users. Well, it’s also similar to YouTube Vanced, but it primarily focused on users privacy and bypassing the data collecting from you. Well, it’s also bringing more features for you to know more about it you can read below:

Customization Options

Customization Options

Among all the YouTube client available on the internet I found SkyTube the best YouTube client to watch all content from YouTube. Because the SkyTube offers tons of features to customize the app with so many useful features. You can block all those videos on YouTube which are highly disliked. Along with you can block those video too which has low views, If you don’t want to watch those videos. Not only that one of the best features is creating your own playlist with all your favorite content. So whenever you need for best YouTube client to customize option then remember the SkyTube App.

Video Download

Video Download

Did you know that? YouTube never lets you download videos directly to device storage because it allows you to download videos as offline to watch. Although there are so many third party website available which people use to download YouTube videos to your device. But the thing is not all the third party website and apps are not safe to use because it can harm your device. So download and install the SkyTube App from here to download videos and share with your friends. Not only videos even you can download those videos as a MP3 format in high quality.

Ad-free YouTube Player

Ad-free YouTube Player

Everyone loves to watch YouTube content without having ads, but the thing isn’t possible free, and you have to get the premium subscriptions with the exchange of real money. Because YouTube only block ads for those users who have premium subscription. But don’t worry if you are a free user because there are so many some ways to block ads free. So if you are a PC user then you can have an extension on the browser to block ads and it’s free. But if you are android user then you can download the SkyTube a free YouTube client, because this YouTube client doesn’t appear a single ads while watching content.

Subtitle Support

As we all know that YouTube has content from all over the world with each and every language. But the thing is if you are interested in a content isn’t for your language so how can you watch that video. So don’t worry this free client of YouTube appears a subtitle on each of the videos. So whenever you want to watch those content which are not in your language then you can turn on the subtitle to you can understand the video properly. Now with the SkyTube APK you have no restriction to watch international content.

Background Playback

Using the official YouTube you can’t use others apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. Because there are no available playback option where you can use other apps while enjoying something on the YouTube. But if you are a premium user of YouTube then you are able to enjoy the background player feature. However, many times people use YouTube as listening music so while listening music you don’t need to turn on the display but if you are off the display then the music will be stopped. So the best option for YouTube users is SkyTube App because it has option to play videos in the background.

Respect Your Privacy

If you want to use some kinds of YouTube modified application which lets you use features like ads free sponsor block and many others then always make sure that the application is safe and secure for your device. Because there are lots of third party modified version of YouTube available which provide features like SkyTube App but not all are safe. So that why you should always use the SkyTube a free open source YouTube client which is GitHub project. We always respect your privacy because it’s very important so when use modified YouTube always make sure that the app is secure to your device.

Subscriptions Feed

YouTube has millions of creators who create such incredible videos and people become their fan so they subscribe their channel to watch all their latest videos. So for all the subscribe channels there is a section added on the SkyTube App where you can see only those videos which are uploaded by your subscribed channels. However, it’s possible that your favorite creators videos always have amazing content, so if the content isn’t good then people will dislike that. Now if you are not interested in watching those most dislike videos from your creator then you can block them which are most dislike compare to like.

Provide Your Opinion on Comments

Basically we always love to give our opinion which are bad for us or good for us. So if you watch a video which like the most then you can have your opinion on the comment section. So the same way you can have your opinion to the creator if the video isn’t good and you want to that a part of video can be more interesting according to you. Not only that even you can reply people’s comment to share your thoughts.

Key Features

  • Video download:
  • Customization options:
  • Subtitle support:
  • Search function:
  • Privacy-focused:
  • Ad-free YouTube player:
  • Background playback:

Final Conclusion

In the end, I would like to tell you again, SkyTube is a free to use, open source project app which a YouTube player for Android. In this app, you can watch your all favorite YouTube content without ads, background playback, and with more amazing features. Using SkyTube you can also download a YouTube video on your device local storage which you can also share with others devices. A Million of peoples uses this app to watch YouTube to enjoy those pro features which may you also loved most. So download the latest version SkyTube App on your Android.


  1. Ad-free experience
  2. Customization options
  3. Background playback
  4. Download videos offline
  5. Support subtitle


  1. Not available on Google Play Store
  2. Download limitations
  3. May find some bugs
  4. Late update

How To Download SkyTube APK

As I have told you, this is a third party app which you have to download from the web and install it manually on your Android device. There are multi option you have where from you can download the APK file but make sure you have downloaded the APK file from safe and trusted source because will never like to use an app with malware. To avoid unsafe or malware, you must have to download the APK file from trusted source like GitHub or you can download the APK file from here as well which we have collect from the GitHub. Follow the steps below to download the APK file:

  • Click on the download button from the post.
  • You’ll redirect to our download page, where from you can choose the version. And tap on the button, then downloading will start.

How To Install SkyTube APK

To install SkyTube app on your Android will not hard as much you think, well you can follow the steps below to know more about installation:

  • Download the APK file and visit your device file manager, click on the APK file and installation process will start (If your device asking for enabling unknown source then, you must have to enable the permission).
  • The process will take a moment, after complete you can open the app and enjoy the features.

That’s it! Now your SkyTube is ready to use with all those features for free.

People Also Ask

Q: What is SkyTube?

A: SkyTube is a free to use open-source YouTube player app for Android devices. This app allows you to watch a YouTube videos without ads, background playback, download offline, and more for free.

Q: Is SkyTube available on Google Play Store?

A: No, SkyTube is not available on Google Play Store due to its policy against ad-blocking apps. However, if you are looking to use this app then you can download the latest APK from here or visit GitHub official.

Q: How do I download videos using SkyTube?

A: To download a video using SkyTube will be piece of cake, just click on the download button, and you can also choose the video quality before downloading.

Q: Can I play videos in the background with SkyTube?

A: Yes, SkyTube allows you to play videos in the background even if you switch to another app or turn off the screen.

Q: Is it legal to use SkyTube?

A: Yes, it is legal to use SkyTube to watch YouTube videos. But downloading a video from YouTube without permission may be illegal sometimes.

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