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As we all know that YouTube is the most popular video watching platform all over the world, and YouTube has billions of content to watch. But the thing people are getting bored with the daily same interface, so users want to try something new where they watch with the new interface. So if you are also one of them who also finding for the best free YouTube client then you have visited the right place. Here we have shared the best free YouTube client and that is NewPipe. The NewPipe APK is an open source app which offers incredible features and along with high level privacy. On the NewPipe you can watch all the YouTube content with a new and amazing interface. Compare to YouTube the NewPipe offers more features free just like ads free watching, instant download and also many things that you can enjoy. So if you want to enjoy all your favorite YouTube content with new features than the NewPipe APK is one of the best option.

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App NameNewPipe
DeveloperNewPipe Team
Size10 MB
Last UpdateOct 03, 2023



Download NewPipe APK for Android With SponsorBlock Version.

Build Date: 03/10/2023 (Trusted By XDA)

What is NewPipe

Those who are really don’t know what is NewPipe then basically it’s a very useful free YouTube client where you can watch all the YouTube content without having interruption and restrictions. It’s an open source application, in short it’s not unsafe for you. The source of NewPipe and managed by the GitHub, and GitHub is one of the best and secure platform to get amazing applications. Now the main concern of this application is it offers to watch all the YouTube content without having ads and also provide very useful features like restricted mode and instant download.

Why NewPipe APK

There are many free YouTube client and modified application available so if you might be thinking that why NewPipe APK? So basically each of the free client comes with its own specialty, so the same way NewPipe offers some very useful features that you can’t be use in other YouTube client. And did you know that NewPipe is not only for YouTube because here you can watch content from SoundCloud,, FramaTube, Bandcamp as well. Also, there are many things which made the NewPipe most unique and useful compare to other YouTube modified and free clients.

YouTube vs NewPipe

Ads Free
Download Videos
Background Player
Watch Restricted Material
Open in Kodi
Watch Live Streams

Exclusive Features NewPipe

This amazing YouTube free client NewPipe offers such incredible tons of features which will never interrupt you to watch videos. The NewPipe has best features like download videos to MP3 directly in any format available, along many features available which you can use, such as ads free watching Popup mode, watch age-restricted material, Open in Kodi, edit local playlists, etc.

Ads Free Watching

ads free watch content

People are getting so much bored by watching YouTube ads after and before watching a content. Basically YouTube ads are so annoying which people really don’t like. Now if you want to disable ads from the official YouTube then you have to buy the Premium Subscription with the exchange of real money. But if you don’t want to use your money to stop YouTube ads then you can use the NewPipe from here. Because the NewPipe is a free YouTube client which never serve ads while you watch any videos, even you don’t have to see ads on the YouTube feed.

Download Videos Instantly

Download Videos Instantly NewPipe

As we all know that downloading videos directly from isn’t possible because YouTube only allow users to download videos to their YouTube account as offline video. So if you want to download videos to directly on your device storage then you have taken help from many kinds of third party websites and from third party apps. But forget all the process and install the NewPipe, a free YouTube client which will offers you to download videos to your internal storage without even using third party app or website. Not only that even with the help of NewPipe you can directly download videos into MP3 format.

Edit Local Playlists

Edit Local Playlists NewPipe

Do you love to listen to music? If yes then this feature is very helpful for you and that edit or create your own local playlist. Basically whenever someone listen to music they love to listen only those musics which they really like. But if you are turned on the autoplay option on the YouTube then after complete a music another music will start, but it might be not your favorite one. Now the thing is if you want to listen to your favorite music from the YouTube back to back then you can create your playlist on the NewPipe. There you can add all your favorite music and you can create local playlist with your favorite genre.

Restricted Mode

In these days kids are so much addicted to watch YouTube content like they can watch YouTube for all the day. But the concern is YouTube has billions of content with various genres, and all the content are not made for kids. Although there are YouTube kids available where contents are only made for kids, but still kids love to watch content from YouTube. Now if you think how you can protect your kids from watching those content which are really don’t made for kids then install the NewPipe. Because the NewPipe has restricted mode where the app will hide those content which are not made for kids.

Support Pop-Up Mode

Many people nowadays use their device as a multipurpose, and while watching content from YouTube you can’t do other tasks otherwise your video will be stopped. Therefor people are finding for best modified and free YouTube client which help them to enjoy YouTube content when they are doing other things on the other application. And the NewPipe is one of the best as a free YouTube client because with the NewPipe you will get a pop-up mode, In short floating player, aka Picture-in-Picture. With the mode you can will get popup display, so if you are enjoying Facebook and other things you can even enjoy the YouTube content as well.

Support Age-Restricted Material

Support Age-Restricted Material Newpipe

Did you know that YouTube has so many restrictions with their videos, In short if any video it doesn’t follow your country restriction then the video will age-restricted material and you are not able to watch those videos. But sometimes some videos are one of the most useful and informational for people and due to Age-Restricted Material they can’t see the videos. So if you are one of them who also want to watch those videos which are really age-restricted in your country then don’t worry. Because the NewPipe APK has feature to support each of the age-restricted material to watch.

Show Hide Comments

Show Hide Comments NewPipe

Comments are basically given to share users opinion, like what they feel and thought about the video and music. So in the YouTube you can comment on most of the videos, Because not all videos are open to comment by the creator. But the mandatory thing is you have to see comments on the videos. And not all the comments are useful and positive, so we can’t allow our kids to watch content on the YouTube, although there are YouTube Kids available which has turned off the comment. But if you want to watch all the YouTube content on the NewPipe then you can hide or show each of the videos comments.

Don’t Need To Log In

Don't Need To Log In Newpipe

For other YouTube client or YouTube modified application there are so many process to log in. But don’t worry the NewPipe there are no need to require logging to the NewPipe with your Gmail ID. As we all know that without log in you can’t comment on the video, as well as to like or dislike videos there are also need to log in with Gmail. However, using the NewPipe there are amazing option which help you to comment and like without even log in.

Key Features

  • You can watch each of the videos in the high quality just like 1080p, 2k and 4k.
  • Subscribe, like, comment without even log in to the NewPipe APK.
  • If you don’t want to read comments then you can disable from app.
  • Watch all those videos which are restricted on your country.
  • Browse video feeds generated from your channel groups.
  • To watch all your favorite content you can specify the content language as well.
  • Get an amazing pop-up mode where you can access floating player.
  • Create your own playlist with all your favorite music and content.
  • Listen to music and podcast in the background and save your betray.
  • Download any of YouTube content instantly in all resolution.

Download NewPipe APK For Android

Want the best free YouTube client then the NewPipe is always the best option with tons of ultimate features. NewPipe is only not for watching YouTube content even you can use SoundCloud,, FramaTube, Bandcamp as a free client. However, the NewPipe offers ads free server, where in YouTube you have to watch lots of ads before and after watching a content. In the other hand the NewPipe is completely ads free. Not only that NewPipe APK offers tons of features including Popup Mode, Open in Kodi, Download videos, Show/hide comments and also many things. Now in conclusion we can proudly suggest you to use the NewPipe instead of YouTube with amazing features. We also have tested the NewPipe with our millions of users and they found it very useful for watching awesome content. So download the NewPipe APK for android and watch all the videos in this free YouTube client.


  1. Privacy
  2. Customization
  3. Compatibility
  4. Security
  5. For All Android


  1. Sometimes Error
  2. Updates Are manually
  3. Dependency

How To Download NewPipe

There are some simple steps which you have to follow to download the NewPipe just follow them and download in few seconds.

Step1: To download NewPipe you just have to click on the download button which given upside of this page.

Step2: Now you will visit to the download page where you get a lot of versions available to choose your requirement.

Step3: So here will be your downloading is finally starting so let the process complete and use the NewPipe.

How To Install NewPipe

Installing the NewPipe is as easy as installing the application from Play Store, But still many people have no idea how to install the NewPipe, So if you are also one of them then just follow some few steps given below and easily install the NewPipe on your device.

Step1: To continue installation process first you have to visit the device setting to enable resource.

Step2: Now find the unknown resource option and then enable unknown resource to complete process.

Step3: Then visit your device file manager and open the NewPipe and click on the installation button.

Step4: So here will be your installation process was about to start let the installation complete.

Step5: Here your download and installation was complete, so enjoy unlimited content with ultimate features.

Popular FAQ

Is NewPipe safe?

Yes the NewPipe is complete safe because the application is an open source app which is managed by the GitHub. So using the NewPipe there are no need to worry, and It’s also never ask to root your device.

Does NewPipe block ads?

NewPipe is an open source free YouTube client that offers users to enjoy each of the YouTube content without a single ads, So yes NewPipe block each of the ads.

How to share song in NewPipe?

To share anything from NewPipe you just have to click on the arrow option which is right side of display then you will get share button now click on that and share the music or videos anywhere.

What is better than NewPipe?

There are many free YouTube client available on the internet and each of the YouTube client comes with its own specialty. But among all the free YouTube client the NewPipe is always best option for you.

How to update NewPipe?

To update the NewPipe to latest version you can visit the official developers on GitHub, Also you can visit here again, here we will always update our application to the latest version.

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