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Is YouTube Vanced safe?

Generally we considered safe to use as long as you download it from a reputable source like official source GitHub, even you can download it from here. However, downloading apps from third-party sources can come with some risks. These apps may contain malware that can harm your device. Otherwise, the YouTube Vanced is a safe to use, but still always use it at your own risk.

What is YouTube Vanced?

Basically, YouTube Vanced is an advanced and modified version of official YouTube which contains tons of additional features that you never used in the official YouTube ever. With YouTube Vanced you can watch YouTube content with ads free, background play, sponsor block return dislike button and many more.

How to download Vanced YouTube?

To download the YouTube Vnaced there are many sources available but remember one thing that whenever you are going to download YouTube Vanced make sure that the source is providing safe and secure app. The best way to download the YouTube Vanced is from official GitHub, and even you can download from because both are secured source. And to download from here you will get the download button at the home page, click on that and visit download page then select your version and start downloading.

How to install YouTube Vanced?

To install the YouTube Vanced first download the app from here >> Visit your device setting then unlock and give permission to the unknown resource >> Then visit your device file manager and open the YouTube Vanced and click on the installation button >> Now your installation is finally started so let the process continue till its comes with the option done and open >> So finally your YouTube Vanced installation is complete.

Is YouTube Vanced illegal?

Although YouTube Vanced is a modified version of YouTube, may violate YouTube’s terms of service but still it’s not illegal to use the Vanced. But remember one thing, the legality of using YouTube Vanced can vary depending on your country’s laws. In some countries, it may be legal. However, it does violate YouTube’s terms of service, but still use YouTube Vanced at your own risk and take necessary precautions to protect your device and personal information.

Why Vanced is discontinued?

In September 2021 the official YouTube Vanced is down from official Vanced source by Google, But the YouTube Vanced still available and actively maintained by its developers from GitHub. The main reason why Google wants to discontinue the YouTube Vanced is because these apps may violate YouTube’s terms of service and can potentially harm the platform’s revenue by blocking ads. But don’t worry, the YouTube Vanced is still working for all android device.

Does YouTube Vanced still working in 2023?

Although the YouTube Vanced is discontinued September 2021 but still YouTube Vanced was not shut down because the app is currently actively maintained by its developers. So yes, the YouTube Vanced still working in 2023, and you can use it on your android device. However, if you wish to use the official alternative of YouTube Vanced for more advance features than Vanced then you can use the ReVanced.

What is the difference between Vanced and ReVanced?

There are not so many difference between the ReVanced and Vanced, but the main thing is the YouTube Vanced can be shut down in few months in the other hand the ReVanced offers such more advance features than Vanced just like in the ReVanced you can disable the shorts button which is unavailable in the Vanced. Although both are same to use which offers some additional features as ads free watching sponsor block and many, But the ReVanced is an official alternative of Vanced now choose is yours.

Can I disable shorts on YouTube Vanced?

The YouTube Vanced offers such tons of additional features that you never use before in the official YouTube, but the sad thing is still the YouTube Vanced has no option to disable the YouTube shorts button. But if you want to disable the YouTube shorts button then you can use the ReVanced APK because the only ReVanced offers the feature of disabling shorts button.

How to update YouTube Vanced APK?

When the YouTube Vanced has was comes, then it’s completely managed by the Vanced Manager where you can download it and install it, even you can update the YouTube Vanced from Vanced Manager. But currently the Vanced manager is not coming with the latest version, so you have to update YouTube Vanced manually. So to update the YouTube Vanced you have to download the latest version from here then install the latest updated version.